ArtOfficial SDCC 2015 - Preview Night (& Day)

9:00am – Kicked off SDCC week with a Johnnie Christmas signing at my LCS (Yesteryear Comics) and hanging with Justin. Smiles fueled by earlier inappropriate jokes.

1:47pm – Badge in hand, waiting for Exhibit Hall to open. Surrounded by my GDNs.

2:29pm – Delirious, an hour and half doesn't sound too bad a wait to bust through those doors.

5:27pm – "MOOooo..." Yay, we're being herded to enter!

Sometime during Preview Night – It was such a blur I forgot to take pictures.

Joel and I were so close to the front of the line before entering we swore we'd make it to the Funko booth. The line moved us in, we walked briskly (did not run) then as we settled into the Funko line, security capped it about 12-15 people in front of us. As the night went on I came by a few times to see if the line opened, and noticed it was the same person at the back of the line. It never reopened. Funko is trying something different this year to make the line more manageable but it's just too popular, the madness can't really be contained.

I took that as an opportunity to check out my favorite independent publishers. Basically, any publisher not named Marvel or DC, they'll get the loving attention they deserve throughout the week. I picked up a few free, and not-so-free items, while checking back at Funko. To fill the deflated need, I picked the two Marvel Collector Corps boxes in a different Funko booth. Their line was quick and easy. A quick and easy menu with fast and dependable service, like In-n-Out.

9:10pm – Met up with Justin for a quick drink while chatting up the good people of Comics Bulletin.

2:56am – The booty.

Tomorrow's agenda is jam-packed with goodness. Hint: Coco, I'm the one who knocks, and bats.