ArtOfficial SDCC 2015 – Thursday (Thinking outside the Con)

8:50am – Ran into La Bamba on our way to claim our Conan O'Brien tickets. Then we became best friends.

My wife, my buddy Joel, and I were about three blocks from the box office and I saw La Bamba just standing at a corner, people watching, drink in hand. After getting a picture with him, La Bamba decided to join us on our walk to the studio. It was weird, I was hanging out with La Bamba for about 10 minutes. I think that makes him my best friend. This is now the third time I've run into La Bamba at a convention, twice at SDCC and another time at WonderCon.

9:13am – Joel realized we were waiting in line with Ken Lashley right in front of us. Ken wanted to see what kind of hair products I use.

9:35am – Ken Lashley decided to kill time by sketching on one of my backboards. And I love it.

9:42 – SUCCESS!!

Joel and I visited the Hot Topic at Horton Plaza on the way back to the Con. This morning Hot Topic got select SDCC Funko POPs. It was a wonderful bounty, all the POP! vinyls we wanted from the Funko booth were available.

12:43pm – Took a break from the Exhibit Hall to get some food, a Coke and a smile

4:45pm – Watching Katniss curse up a storm, for a good cause.

5:58pm – In line for Nerd HQ's Supermansion panel. We want to see who's the one who knocks.

6:50pm – We learn about Bryan Cranston's favorite part of Albuquerque, it's a person not a place. (See clip here)

8:13pm – Drinks and dinner with friends at Lion's Share to celebrate SDCC and other great news.

9:06pm – Kristen Schaal!

4:23am – The booty.

I only really got an hour inside the Exhibit Hall but it was one of the best Con days I've ever had.